Short: Cockroaches hide under your windows!
Type: game/gag

ARoach (Version 1.1) - cockroaches hide under your windows!

ARoach displays disgusting cockroaches on your screen.  These creepy
crawlies scamper around until they find a window to hide under.
Whenever you move or resize a window, the exposed orthopteras again
scamper for cover.  You can squish them with a mouseclick, if you

ARoach is based on Xroach for X-Windows.  It features a shell and and
a Workbench interface and makes use of Amiga's BOBs.  Full source for
SAS/C 6 is included.

This version fixes a bug where bugs would sometimes stick to the
bottom of the screen.

Enjoy,                                                             ///
                                                             __   ///
- Stefan                                                     \\\ ///

You can download this program here.

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