type: mods/misc
short: Classical Rob Hubbard song re-arranged
author: Stefan Winterstein-Theobald (winter@dfki.de)

                            Ace On A Spring

      This is one of my favorite Rob Hubbard songs, the theme from
    "Thing on a Spring", re-arranged for the Amiga, where I called it
    "Ace on a Spring" for no obvious reason.  The drum part (including a
    12 bar solo) was done by my friend Dominik "Wusch" Lang, who's now a
    professional drummer.

      I put quite a lot of work in this piece, and after all these
    years, I'm still not tired of listening to it.

    Composed by Rob Hubbard 1985.
    Arranged on the Amiga by Stefan Winterstein 1989.
    Drums by Dominik "Wusch" Lang.

Duration: 3'32''

Note:  You need a player that handles the jump command correctly.
       Multiplayer 1.31 doesn't.

You can download this module here.

Stefan Winterstein, E-Mail:, Homepage: http://stefan-winterstein.de